VLCC Shape Up Slimming Oil-100 ML

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Shape up in no time by using the VLCC Shape Up Slimming Oil. The oil will reduce excess fat gradually and help you look good.

Reduces Cellulite
The extra fat and underlying deposits of cellulite will be reduced by the consistent use of this slimming oil.
Increases skin elasticity
This oil helps increase skin elasticity, thus ensuring that you don?t have any trouble or your skin doesn?t develop marks when you lose weight.
Fights stubborn fat
Helping you get rid of that stubborn fat, this VLCC slimming oil helps get that slim and enviable body.
Non greasy
You need not have to worry about the oil making your clothes dirty as this oil is non-greasy, thus allowing you to apply it whenever you want to.
Visible results in 14 days
The results of this oil will show in just 14 days. So you won?t have to wait for too long to see yourself slim and witness your skin becoming smoother.


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