Ustraa By Happily Unmarried Hair wax-100 Gm

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Irrespective of the hairstyle you want to sport, this Ustraa?s hair wax for men from Happily Unmarried will listen to you no matter what. So keep this gem of a bottle handy the next time you are going out for a party, and take pride in your look.
Natural Ingredients
Formulated with beeswax, coconut oil and lavender oil, this paraben-free hair wax will help nourish your locks, improve blood circulation the scalp and moisturise it from deep within, while also keeping you look hot for a long time.
Rich in Nutrients
This hair wax also contains lemon essential oil to exfoliate your scalp, repair split ends and control hair loss, while also adding that natural shine to it. What?s more, this water-based substance contains China clay to retain the important hair oils and keep a check on itchy hair.
Easy to Use
Once you use this hair wax, you don?t need to shampoo, thus making it a convenient styling option.


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