Hebrio Beard Wash & Softner – 100 ML

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How to use: Wet your beard with water and pour small amount of Beard Wash & Softner into the palm of your hand and apply onto your beard until it begins to lightly foam and lather.For best results,leave the Beard Wash & Softner in your beard for a 15-30 seconds before rinsing it out with water.After using it,you will notice that running a comb through your beard is now much smoother,making styling and shaping your facial hair a much easier process.Use it atleast 3 times a week to feel the change or use daily if required.

Cautions : Avoid Contact with eyes.Keep away from children.

Each 100 ML Contains:
Neem 1000 Mg
Bhringraj 2000 Mg
Tulsi 1000 Mg
Amalki 1000 Mg
Brahmi Extract 1000 Mg
Active Charcoal 250 Mg
Haritaki 2000 Mg
Aloevera 2000 Mg
Dalchini 100 Mg
Bay 200 Mg
Rosemary 250 Mg
Neroli 250 Mg
Lemon Grass 250 Mg
Tea Tree 100 Mg
Vitamin E 2000 Mg
Argan 5000 Mg
Peppermint 100 Mg
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